The joy of starting a new chapter and moving from your existing space can be exhilarating. And finding a reliable Canberra Movers service can be daunting considering numerous available options.

One of the common issues people face while moving are the unexpected hidden fees that amplify the overall bill, thus increasing the moving costs.

So here is a quick guide that will help you evade some of the common hidden costs associated with moving.

1. Ask for the appropriate kind of estimate

When it comes to moving, there are three kinds of estimates.

  • Binding estimates– Binding estimates are basically fixed estimates based on the weight. They usually require in-home inspection and are valid for a particular period of time. In such estimates, you will have to pay the amount agreed upon even if the weight of items is much less than the estimate.
  • Non-Binding estimates– These are approximate estimates and the reliable
    Canberra Movers do not give an exact price.
  • Binding-not-to-exceed estimates– This is the ideal option that most movers
    choose. In such estimates, the customer is not required to pay additional amount even if the overall weight exceeds the original quotation. And if you get lucky and the shipment weighs less, the overall invoice may be less than the estimate.

    Ask for the appropriate type of estimate based on the types of services you require.

2. Communicate Special Requirements

The more detailed information you provide the moving company about your requirements, the less likely are your chances of facing any surprise charges. If there are heavy furniture items that need to be dismantled or electronic appliances such as unmounting a television is usually not included in their quotation unless specified.

Fragile items may require special packing materials and if you’re relying on the Canberra Movers for packing, then they will charge more for such services. Therefore, disclose all special requirements in advance.

3. Get multiple estimates

All professional Canberra Movers will provide free estimates based on the details you provide (distance of the move, the date and number of goods etc.). Make sure you get these estimates from multiple providers to get a clear idea.

If certain estimate seems too low, it is probably too good to be true and has several hidden charges. Get the quotes in writing. 

4. Make a detailed inventory of your belongings

Making a detailed list of your belongings, especially based on weight will help the reputed Canberra Movers to provide accurate estimates. For this you can look up the makes and models of your furniture and other appliances and get approximate weights.

5. Review the Invoice

After the move is complete, compare it with the estimate provided and look for any illegitimate fees. The company must be able to account for all the extra charges. Raise a dispute if you don’t find their explanation reliable.


To conclude, while some costs of hiring professional Canberra Movers are unavoidable, there are several hidden costs you can avoid by proper planning. Understand the services include, negotiate smartly and choose a reliable and transparent moving service such as Canberra Movers and Packers for a stress-free and affordable move. 

For more moving tips and tricks or to get a range of moving services, contact Canberra Movers Packers at:

Phone: 1800 865 005


Best of luck for your unpacking!

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